OYO Quiz Answers [17 Sep] OYO Travel Trivia Quiz: Win PayTM Cash Daily up to ₹1 Lakh

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Hello Trickyzilla Readers!! We are back with a latest offer from Oyo Travel Trivia Quiz. Oyo is Giving Away Free upto 1 lakh PayTM cash Daily to Trivia Q Quiz Winners. Here we also have Flipkart Free ₹1000 Gift card or Assured Free Supercoin Flipkart-Fake Or Not-Quiz

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About OYO:

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OYO Ultimate Trivia Quiz Contest | Answer Everday & Win Paytm Money :

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How to Play Oyo-Trivia Quiz

First of All Download OYO App From Here. :

download 5 1 OYO Quiz Answers [17 Sep] OYO Travel Trivia Quiz: Win PayTM Cash Daily up to ₹1 Lakh
  1. Enter Your number… Verify OTP sent to your Number and Fill All details Then save. If you already have done, jump to step 2.
  2. Scroll down OYO app Homepage Dashboard. Find a Banner(shown below) and tap on it.
oyo trivia quiz anwer

3. Click on the banner, then click on ‘Play now’ to get the question.

4. Select The Answer & and claim prize shake your phone You will Get assured Prize Of Free PayTM cash.( We will update answers daily on the same post at 10:01 PM)

#NOTE: As we will update the answer for any specific day at 10:05 PM, you will be able to participate and answer the quiz till 10:00 Pm of the next day. For ex the answer updated on 2nd July at 10:01 PM would be valid till 09:59 PM of 3rd July.

5. After submitting the correct answer, you have to claim you reward and you’ll be redirected to a page where you have to ‘SHAKE YOUR PHONE‘ to get rewarded.

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6. Come Daily on this site for the correct answer and complete your daily quiz at 10:01 p.m

Video Tutorial

oyo quiz answers

Oyo Ultimate Trivia Quiz Answers

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Oyo Quiz Answer – 17th September 2020

Question: Which is known as ‘Garden City of India’?

Answer: Bengaluru

Oyo Quiz Answer – 16th September 2020

Question: The world famous Khajuraho sculptures are located in which state?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Oyo Quiz Answer – 15th September 2020

Question: The Charminar is located in which country?

Answer: Hyderabad

Oyo Quiz Answer – 14th September 2020

Question: Where is the Golden Temple Situated?

Answer: Amritsar

Oyo Quiz Answer – 13th September 2020

Question: Which amongst the following places famous for its gigantic rock-cut statue of Buddha??

Answer: Bamyan

Oyo Quiz Answer – 12th September 2020

Question: ‘Bagh’, a village in Gwalior is famous for??

Answer: Caves

Oyo Quiz Answer – 11th September 2020

Question: What is the meaning of the name Himalaya in Sanskrit?

Answer: Abode of Snow

Oyo Quiz Answer – 10th September 2020

Question: Which state is known as India’s Spice Garden?

Answer: Kerala

Oyo Quiz Answer – 9th September 2020

Question: Where is the Bhimbetka Cave located?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Oyo Quiz Answer – 8th September 2020

Question: Which of these water bodies does not border India?

Answer: Red Sea

Oyo Quiz Answer – 7th September 2020

Question: The first Casino in India was opened in which of the following state?

Answer: Goa

Oyo Quiz Answer – 6th September 2020

Question: Which Indian City is known as the City of Joy?

Answer: Kolkata

Oyo Quiz Answer – 5th September 2020

Question: Can you Identify this monument in India?

Answer: Humayun’s Tomb

Oyo Quiz Answer – 4th September 2020

Question: What is the meaning of the name Himalaya in Sanskrit?

Answer: Abode of Snow

Oyo Quiz Answer – 3rd September 2020

Question: Which city is called ‘White City’ of Rajasthan?


Oyo Quiz Answer – 2nd September 2020

Question: Badrinath, the holy town of Uttarakhand, is situated on the bank of river?

Answer: Alaknanda

Oyo Quiz Answer – 1st September 2020

Question: Which of these world famous sites is the tallest?

Answer: Uluru

Oyo Quiz Answer – 31st August 2020

Question: Who is the NO.1 All Rounder as per the latest ICC test rankings?

Answer: Ben Stokes

Oyo Quiz Answer – 30th August 2020

Question: The 1st Five of 36 Rafale fighter jets from France landed at which airbase station of Indian Air Force?

Answer: Ambala AFS

Oyo Quiz Answer – 29th August 2020

Question: Which course will be discontinued as per National Education Policy (NEP) 2020?

Answer: M.Phil

Oyo Quiz Answer – 28th August 2020

Question: Which is the Indian state with the largest area of forest cover?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Oyo Quiz Answer – 27th August 2020

Question: CORN FLAKES – Who made them first?

Answer: Kellogg

Oyo Quiz Answer – 26th August 2020

Question: Who invented the Jet Engine?

Answer: Sir Frank Whittle

Oyo Quiz Answer – 25th August 2020

Question: When was table tennis introduced in the Olympics?

Answer: 1988 at Seoul

Oyo Quiz Answer – 24th August 2020

Question: Which among the following is India’s Largest library?

Answer: National Library

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 23th August 2020

Question: Which is a post-harvest folk dance in Assam?

Answer: Bihu

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 22th August 2020

Question: Which Academy promotes and develops literature in all the 22 languages of India?

Answer: Sahitya Academy

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 21th August 2020

Question: Which is India’s largest and the oldest museum?

Answer: Indian Museum, Kolkata

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 20th August 2020

Question: Which is the oldest paramilitary force in the country?

Answer: Assam Rifles

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 19th August 2020

Question: Where is the Judicature of Orissa?

Answer: Cuttack

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 18th August 2020

Question: Who united the self-governed princely states post-independence?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 17th August 2020

Question: When was Poorna Swaraj a.k.a ‘Complete Independence’ observed?

Answer: 26 January 1930

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 16th August 2020

Question: Jawaharlal Nehru delivered a speech on August 15, 1947, at midnight. What is it known as?

Answer: Tryst with Destiny

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 15th August 2020

Question: How many gunshots are fired on the solemn occasion of Independence Day?

Answer: 21

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 14th August 2020

Question: What was the name of Independent India between August 15, 1947 to January 26, 1950, before it became the Republic of India?

Answer: Dominion of India

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 13th August 2020

Question: Why was 15 August 1947 chosen as the date of power transfer by Viceroy Mountbatten?

Answer: It was the second anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 12th August 2020

Question: Where does the name India come from?

Answer is: The Indus River

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 11th August 2020

Question: Who designed the Indiian Rupee symbol?

Answer is: Uday Kumar Dharmalingam

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 10th August 2020

Question: Kathak is a classical dance form practiced in which part of India?

Answer is:North India

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 9th August 2020

Question:  Madhubani’, a style of folk paintings, is popular in which of the following states in India? 

Answer is: Bihar

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 8th August 2020

Question: The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’.inscribed below the base plate of our Indian national emblem are taken from:

Answer is: Mundak Upanishad

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 5th August 2020

Question: India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.

Answer is: Mica

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 31th July 2020

Question: Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run?

Answer is: Kamal Jeet Sandhu

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 30th July 2020

Question: Fathometer is used to measure?

Answer is: Ocean Depth

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 29th July 2020

Question: Coral reefs in India can be found in?

Answer is: Andaman & Nicobar

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 28th July 2020

Question: Numismatics is the study of?

Answer is: Currency

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 27th July 2020

Question: What is the width is to length ratio of our National Flag?

Answer is: 2:3

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 26th July 2020

Question: Which ray is restricted by ozone layer?

Answer is: Ultraviolet Radiation

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 25th July 2020

Question: When did Germany sign the Armistice Treaty which ended the World War I?

Answer is: November 11, 1918

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  3. Paytm Cash rewards will be given to winners on the mobile number registered with OYO.
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  5. The amount would be transferred within 2-3 working days.
  6. Following users will not be eligible for Paytm Cash:
  • Non KYC verified Paytm accounts. This restriction is as per the RBI guidelines.
  • Users who have exceeded Paytm monthly wallet limit.

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